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2012lbs. in 2012

Lose 2012 lbs in 2012 is a joint effort of Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center members to lose a total of 2012 pounds by then end of 2012.  That’s a TON!!!

Participants may weigh themselves weekly and turn in their total pounds lost at the end of each month. We’ll keep track of total pounds lost by all participants and let you see how we’re doing! The more people involved the better--so get your friends and family to join!

How to Sign Up: It’s easy! Just give your name and email (or phone if you don’t have email) to any staff member at the front desk, fitness or tennis. If you want to be held more accountable for your weight loss progress, you may give us your starting weight, but it is not required.

How to Weigh In: You may weigh in on any scale including one at your home. There are scales in the fit test office and both locker rooms. Make sure to follow the weigh-in guidelines at the bottom of this sheet. You may also have a fitness instructor weigh you in each week (for even more accountability!)

How to Record Weight Loss:

  • OPTION 1: Go to the front desk, the fitness floor or tennis office and give us your total pounds lost at the end of each month.
  • OPTION 2: Email with your name, date and pounds lost for the week or the total for the month. We’ll keep a tally for you.

Weight Loss Total: A display of all participants’ collective weight loss will be posted monthly on a display board.

How to Be Successful: Just sign up and participate! Whether you want to lose 5 lbs. or 50, every pound counts and any effort is commendable!

How to Be Rewarded: We will have random prize drawings throughout the year to reward those helping us lose 2012 pounds in 2012!!

Weigh-In Guidelines

  1. Weigh in on the same scale every time
  2. Wear similar clothing and shoes
  3. Weigh on the same day and time every week
  4. Take off 2 lbs for clothing and shoes (only if weighing in shoes)

Contact:  Jane Holland at 531-5083 or