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Small Group Training

Personal training in small group provides a total-body workout that is fast-paced, motivating, and time efficient. Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center is the first club in Knoxville to have the Power System “Space Station”. This structure sits in our free weight area surrounded by functional training equipment for our small groups. The Space Station supports the TRX Suspension Trainers as well as the new Jungle Gym TM XT- by Lifeline, USA, which both allow unique movements to build strength, power, balance and flexibility. 

Our other attachments include a dip bar, a step, chin up handles, and a variety of bars. Trainers in small group sessions also use the Battling Ropes, Kettle Bells, BOSU Trainers, Stability Balls, the Land Mine, medicine balls, ladders, hurdles, bands, and tubing to create a unique and intense Total Body Workout. A 2011 study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that men who performed whole-body resistance training exercises boosted their metabolism by 6% for up to 3 days. The more muscle utilized, the more calories burned.

Fast Paced - Workouts are organized into intervals rotating to various pieces of equipment.
Motivating - Your trainer and your small group will cheer you on during each set and every repetition.
Time Efficient - The 30 minute workout sessions build strength and push your heart rate.


  • See the Fitness staff to reserve your spot. 
  • If you need a different day or time, contact us at 531-5740 or email to schedule a session. 
  • Session(s) must be purchased prior to participating. 
  • Thirty minute sessions are $12 or buy a 10-pack for $100. 
  • Sign up sheets and more information can be found at the Fitness Desk.