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MetaPlan is a program designed to help you reach your weight management goals by understanding and applying the fundamentals of metabolism. Every MetaPlan session involves three key phases:

Phase 1: Testing

Every MetaPlan session begins with a 5-10 minute test of a client's resting metabolic rate. The results of the test will provide the exact number, (+ or -1%) of calories burned each day at rest. The test is administered by breathing only - no physical exertion is required whatsoever. Disposable mouthpieces and nose clips are used by each client. Following the test, results are analyzed and adjusted based on several different variables including the client's height, weight, occupation, sleep patterns, and exercise routine.

Phase 2: Education

A fitness expert will review the results of the test with the client and discuss his/her metabolism and exactly how it affects weight management. Whether the client's goal is to improve muscle mass or exercise routine, meal frequency, or even sleep trouble, it is the goal of MetaPlan to provide each client with the answers necessary to improve metabolism and reach goals.

Phase 3: Planning

MetaPlan's ultimate objective is to synthesize a client's lifestyle, eating habits, and exercise with the scientific aspect of weight loss. After reviewing test results with the client, the fitness expert will then help identify a unique calorie budget and exercise target. With this information, the client will have additional knowledge and tailored information to help in weight loss, gain, or maintenance.

Your Appointment

MetaPlan appointments last about 30 minutes. For accuracy purposes, we ask that you avoid eating a large meal, exercising, and consuming caffeine at least 4 hours before the test.

Contact an Exercise Physiologist at (865) 531-5021 for more information and appointment availability.

Note: The Meta Plan is available through the Fit Test Office.